Dhwani Nidra

All Night Gong Bath


From 1st Feb to 10th Feb

After 11th Feb : Rs.3499/-


No.1,SAC Hall, 
Raja Annamalaipuram
(off bishops garden),

25TH FEB, 9 30 PM –
26TH FEB, 6 30 AM

Sunithi S Ramesh

Sugeetha Vummiti


Manjula Singh

Mahesh Kumar

All Night Gong Bath

We welcome everyone and mindfulness enthusiasts to experience the symphony of Gongs and Tibetan Singing Bowl for a whole night (8 hours). It is a “one-of-a-kind” magical and passive meditation experience that enables deep rejuvenation and relaxation to restore positive energy for overall well-being.

In this rare event, the participants lie down on a comfortable mattress and immerse themselves in the sound frequencies of various ancient instruments. This magical  Sound Bath  is composed to activate energy centres (Chakras) in the body using 8 different healing grade gongs, including the Planetary Gongs Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto, Sound Creation and Symphonic Gongs.

Why Dhwani Nidra?

  1. The fusion of frequencies from various Gongs activates and channelizes energy at the cellular level. 

  2. These frequencies are proven to positively affect brain waves and activate brain lobes, enhancing brain function.

  3. Experience a “calmer you” with clarity, confidence and self-love that helps you live and enjoy the present moment.

  4. All night exposure to healing frequencies is equivalent to several days of rest, and you catch up with the sleep you missed in the hustle of life.

Get Free Dhwani Energy Gifts

  1. 30 days sleep therapy free on Dhwani app.
  2. Essential oil based products.
  3. Crystal for good sleep.
  4.  Affirmation frame.

Dhwani Nidra Journey

9.30 PM
Doors Open
9.30 - 9.45 PM
Welcome with Golden Milk Latte
9.45 - 10.00 PM
Settling down and cuddling in
10.00 - 10.10 PM
Introduction to Dhwani Nidra
10.25 - 10.45 PM
Visualisation Guided Meditation
10.45 PM - 6.00 AM
Dhwani Nidra All-night Gong Bath
6.00 AM
Silence on Waking up
6.05 - 6.10 AM
Yoga wake-up with stretches
6.15 AM
Receive Dhwani gifts and start your week
6.15 - 6.30 AM
Q&A and Photo Session.

No, you can comfortably sleep on the mattress provided. In this session, you would be drifting in and out of a deep state of relaxation, which is very enjoyable.

Of course, we have hygienic restrooms available in the hall for your use.

We will have golden latte milk and organic cookies if you feel hungry at night if you wake up.

While we provide mattresses, we request you to bring comfortable pillows/cushions and blankets to cover yourself and even your teddy bear to cuddle. 🙂

Children above 15 and above. Anyone who wants to experience deep rejuvenation with us.

While Sound Therapy is very beneficial to pregnant women after the first trimester, we don’t recommend them for this session, as the Gongs may be heavy. If you would like to refer any pregnant women, please connect with us for a personalized session for them.

We need to understand more about the health issue you are facing to advise whether this would be a suitable session. Please feel free to call us at +91 8925652498.

But the session is very beneficial for those who suffer from sleep disorders, chronic muscular pain, hypertension, diabetes, anxiety disorders etc.

Yes, they can. However, if they are not comfortable lying down on the mattress on the floor, which we normally provide, we can arrange a cot at an extra cost. But it is limited in numbers. Please get in touch with us if you want a cot for your parents. We would be glad if you attend as a family.


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Benefits of Sound Sleep Meditation

Energy Cleansing

Reduce Fatigue and Pain

 Mood Transformation

Improve Focus and Clarity

Deep Rejuvenation

Deep Relaxation

Overcome stress and anxiety

Deep Sleep

Dhwani Nidra

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